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Take special care when you post to the boards. Why? Because although this is all virtual, it is easy to forget that your dealing with human beings/real people. You should be regarding OI members as extended family and friends.

I’m all for being blunt, but here are a few guidelines.

  1. If your angry about something… do not post. Sleep on it. Meditate. Hug a tree first. Whatever it takes to bring your blood pressure down.
  2. If you have a Word editor, write your post there first and run a spelling and grammar check. Some of you come across as unable to write or spell. If you do not want to come across this way, try this out.
  3. Use private messages. If you have a bone to pick to someone, consider using private messages vs posting it on the boards. I see flame-wars that then turn into pissing contests. Just don’t go there.
  4. Be respectful and courteous
  5. Try to keep a discussion focused on one or two topics. Create a new thread if you have to.
  6. Get to the point.
  7. Summarize a thread when the thread starts coming to an end.

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