==Alliance Ranks

Illuminati MagnusEdit

The guild leader of WoW is called IlluminatiMagnus

Radiant TemplarsEdit

The officers of the guild are called Radiant Templars

Radiant DefendersEdit

Raid leaders are called Radiant Defenders. Raid leaders are responsible for organizing and orchestrating raids. He/She is also responsible for posting information about raids, events, armor requirements, and anything else deemed necessary for members to prepare for raids. A raid is defined as an instance run with ten or more people.

Radiant ChampionEdit

The Radiant Champion is a member that is dedicated at Player verses Player combat (PvP). This member is appointed by the officer core and is responsible for organizing PvP events for the guild. Guild members can network with the Radiant Champion for PvP events.

Free MasonEdit

A Free Mason is a member that is a dedicated crafter. The member must be willing to make items for other members of the guild, as long as the materials are provided.


This rank is used to celebrate the member who goes the extra mile in helping the guild. This includes: adding other players, answering questions, participating on guild chat and giving to the guild bank. Lightbringer is still under development.


A Disciple is a full member of the guild. This is standard guild membership.


An Adept is a member who is undergoing his/her two week trial. After this trial, the Adept is promoted to full member, as long as no problems have occurred.


A member becomes sheeped when he/she has been causing problems. The Sheeped member is only allowed to read guild chat and not able to write.

Horde RanksEdit