The ranks are designed not to keep people stratified but to allow those who show a desire to help the guild an promote it to grow and develop.


  • Master - The big cheese, etc
Currently: Lesword (Leswordrogue, Leswordlock, Leswordruid)
  • Knight - These are the officers. The master picks them or Knights can petition to add a new Knight. In such cases all Knights have to agree they want the new person as a Knight. Knights serve for life.
Current Knights:
(open spot)
  • Banker - Usually a single member who acts as the guild's banker.
Currently: Eronoel and her many alts
  • Sergeant - While not true officers, a Sergeant is basically one who has shown themselves to be more than just an average member or stands out in some positive way. Long time members who come over form Draka will usually gain this rank automatically. Sergeants are the helping hands of the guild and have more access to all guild bank items. They have more access both because they've earned the trust of the guild, but also so they can help those lower ranked then them with items when requested.
  • Clergy - A full member of the Order. Full rights to the member banks, and any other facilities of Oi. These members currently have permission to withdraw two items from all tabs but the armor/arms tab of which they can remove zero items per day.
  • Initiate - New member still on trial. Initiates are assigned a sponsor who will help to bring them into the guild. New members or their sponsor should petition to be made Clergy. The only specific requirement is a new member must remain Initiate for a minimum of 14 days. It is recommended that they group with their sponsor during this time.

For KnightsEdit

If you invite a new member make them an initiate and post in the new member thread, so (designated officer) can send out welcome kits. You should also note in their note in the guild list if they are a main or an alt. The alt should read: Alt - <name>

Replace <name> with the name of their main character. This helps keep the roster pretty and makes the sun shine brighter.

Bedevere 00:18, 28 February 2008 (UTC)