The addition of the bank since patch 2.3 has been very useful for all members to access, deposit, and with officer permission withdraw items. Please feel free to use the bank!

What to deposit into the bank Edit

  • Blues & Purples
  • Very good greens
  • Required quest items
  • Reputation items (i.e. glowcaps)
  • Crafting Patterns
  • Crafting Materials
  • Other useful or fun items - such as pets

What not to deposit into the bank Edit

  • Gray items
  • White armor
  • Poor quality Greens
  • Piles of common items with less than 5
  • Cheap items from vendors (i.e. water, thread, etc)

Please be aware that if you donate an item that may not be considered useful it may possibly be DE'd and materials donated to the bank or sold and payment donated to the bank. If you are not sure what would make a good donation -- ask Izatea, Matvi, Sintax or Eronoel.

How to get items or loans from the bankEdit

  • Look in the guild bank to make sure the item is there
  • Contact an officer - in game or via Guild Bank thread -- for fastest action contact an officer directly in game
  • To get a loan or cash withdrawal- you must post on the Guild Bank thread requesting your amount

Showcase Edit

Check out the WoW forums for periodical showcases of nice items in the bank - Bank Showcase!