There is a huge unspoken aspect of this guild, which our charter and welcome message doesn't seem to cover. It is the spirit and underlying purpose in which the founders spawned this community. I have even gone so far as to suggest we may need to re-write our charter to better express it. Ready? Here it is the important idea:

Oi is a guild whose purpose is to promote the interests of it's members.

Seems simple but it isn't. Lets review the implications;

As a guild we are not a "casual gamer" guild, nor are we a "raiding" guild, or a "PVP" guild. Just as we are not solely Alliance nor Horde. We don't even cover a single game. We encompass all of these aspects, because we as a group are here to facilitate the needs and goals of our members. Sure, only a subset of members want to do hard core raiding. And they can do so as members of Oi and we support them. Others want to spend time leveling, or goofing off, and we support them too. Others want to raid cities naked and dance on the turrets of their walls...naked. And we support those crazies too. The idea is that as a member you can do all of these things and more, and there will be a number of guildies willing to jump in and join you solely because you wear the "Oi" badge.

This also means we are not becoming any sort of guild that your mom warned you about, we already are what we are, we are Oi. The whole "oh no we are becoming a raiding" guild is never going to be true, because that will always be a part of what we are, but never the total picture. Essentially we want you to enjoy your game the way you want to, and we want to do what we can to facilitate that. Some days a certain subset will be more vocal and active than others, and some may get the spot light on any given week, but that’s normal stuff.

With this membership comes a certain responsibility. The guild and the officers are not going to hold your hand and level you up or give you huge sums of gold. What the guild does offer though is a variety of people with varied talents and interests who can help all of us by participating or material support or advice whenever possible. There are no guarantees in this, and you may need to be your own vocal support to get people to go your way at times. But as Oi we have a good group from which to pick.

Bedevere 17:40, 12 February 2008 (UTC)