It all started with this Thread:

ok o ok i have been in the guild for months now anfd you know i never really got why the guild ranks where sand, pearls and clam meat...i just thoguht it was something random..but its because you call us OI-sters...i figured this out today i feel like i should be in harvord..or im realy slow ahahah :] but yea this blows my mind the guild must know!!!!

For stating the obvious before anyone else, when no one else noticed this over a two year period (or everyone else was smart enough to see how obvious this was and kept their mouths shut), Sethdragons was granted the option to pick his own forum title.

And yes, Seth speaks English.

And so you are now...Edit

  • Sethdragons: well Matvi i would like my rank in the guild to be "the super duper uber awsome ninja of stealthyness and killing"
  • Illustrial: Verywell, your new title shall be TSDUANOSAK!
  • Bedevere: And so it shall be!

Queue proper harassment by Illustrial!

Bedevere 23:13, 20 February 2008 (UTC)