Responsibilities Edit

  • Keep track of who is attuned and ready for each raid; help organize runs for attunement and gear.
  • Appoint other raid leaders based on who is interested and available (interested parties must speak to raid captain to put their name in the hat so to speak).
  • Develop a monthly raiding schedule and publish it to the boards.
  • Help create and maintain a guild knowledge base on each boss we will encounter in our raids.
  • Be ready and willing to help the beginner raid leaders learn each encounter we will be facing
  • Collaborate with the officer core regarding raid policy and procedure.
  • Collaborate with the officer core regarding WotLK attunement, and raiding so as to give as many OIsters as possible the opportunity to experience end-game connten.

Election Edit

The raid leader will be elected in a similar fashion as the Officers and Guild Leader. Nominations will be made. After the nomination period has passed, the voting period will begin. During this time, nominees are encouraged to post their platforms in the general forums so that the general membership will best be able to make informed decisions.

Votes will be sent via private message to the guild leader through

Details of the Position Edit

  • A Raid Captain cannot be an officer.
  • A Raid Captain will have access to the officer forums to coordinate Raiding with the social aspects of WoW.
  • A Raid captain will not have a vote on issues that require an officer vote.
  • A Raid Captain will serve for one year. There is no limit to the number of terms a Raid Captain can serve.