Ketchup Chips are a type of potato chip made by the Canadian company Humpty Dumpty, which is run by Old Dutch Foods. Dispite their odd sounding name, they appear to be quite a unique food.

According to SisterSister the chips taste like:

Running around not caring if you are a filthy little monkey or if you step on a slug in bare feet. Wearing plaid and paisley at the same time (which I still do , btw). Catching bumblebees, snakes, minnows, frogs,newts, birds, bunnies, hmm anything that couldnt outslither/outrun/outswim or outfly me. Climbing trees. Rolling down hills in a tire or a barrel. Wild strawberries. Crab apple fights. Long summers camping at the beach. Eating toasted marshmallows (who's idea was it to mix kids, a snack and FIRE??)( some totally cool person, no doubt). Fishing. Walking thru the woods learning the names of trees from my Dad. Riding a new-fangled 'speed' bike. Playing hide-n-seek. Fighting with my brother and sister (which I also still do every chance I get, but now it is for personal enjoyment and not to drive our parent out of their gourds).