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  • BBL: Be Back later
  • CC: Crowd Control
  • DPS: Damage Per Second - used to measure damage over time. Usually applied to weapons. This term is also used to lable the contribution of a player withing a group. A DPS'er is a player whose responsibility it is to deal out as much damage as possible.
  • DOT: Damage over Time - usually used to measure damage of a spell or effect.
  • LFM/LFG: Looking for More/Looking for Group
  • KOS: Kill On Site
  • LOS: Line of Sight - This term refers to a players or mobs ability to "see" their target and successfully attack them via spells or ranged weapons. Many spells/abilities can be interupted or prevented by moving out of the enemies Line of Sight.
  • Mob: NPC enemy
  • MH: Main Healer
  • MT: Main Tank
  • OH: Off Healer
  • OI: Greeting, warcry and abreviation for the Order of Illuminatus.
  • OT: Off Tank
  • Pot: Any consumable that renders a temporary buff to skill, heath or ability. Often reserved for alchemy products.
  • PVP: Player Vs Player (combat with other players)
  • TTYL: Talk TO You Later
  • WB: Welcome back

WoW SpecificEdit

Instance Names and abreviations:Edit

  • AQ: 'An Quiraj
  • AQ20: An' Quiraj (20 Man wing)
  • BFD: Black Fathom Deapths
  • DM/VC: Dead Mines: Van Cleef
  • DM: Dire Maul
  • LBRS: Lower Black Rock Spire
  • MC: Molten Core
  • Nax: Naxxramas
  • Ony: Onyxia's Lair
  • RFC: Rage Fire Chasm
  • RFD: Razor Fen Downs
  • RFK: Razor Fen Kraul
  • Scholo: Scholomance
  • SF: Shadowfang Keep
  • SL: Shadow Labs
  • SM: Scarlet Monestary
  • ST: Sunken Temple
  • Strat: Live wing of Stratholm
  • Strat UD: Undead wing of Stratholm
  • SV: Steam Vaults
  • UBRS: Upper Black Rock Spire
  • Uld: Uldaman
  • WC: Wailing Caverns
  • ZF: Zul Fa'rak
  • ZG: Zul G'urub